My Gallery of Photography

I am an award winning amateur photographer and this gallery showcases some of my best work. Can you guess which of these pictures won an award? Hint: More than one! Some of these pics were taken by my son, Myles, a great photographer in his own right.

Another award-winning, this photograph which I've named "Blooming Rose" was taken in my garden in MN. I took it with my Nikon D40, a camera my hubby got for me for Valentine's Day one year. I love how I could blur the background while keeping the rose in focus.
This photo is in the top 30 out of over 50,000 photographs in
Viewbug's "Photo of the Month" contest.

Last night, I got to spend a little time at a local lake with my youngest son. He and I had a great time watching the ducks. They are great fun! I captured this beautiful female as she floated along. 
My son thought it was great that I could get a picture this good with my iPhone. 
I think it's all in the angle. I wanted a sliver of the pretty plant along the side and the natural reflection of the duck in the water is breathtaking. 
It's the only way to tell that she has her beak open! 
The photo is unretouched; uploaded just as it was taken.

These flowers bloom in our back yard for only a few days.
I felt like I had to work fast to capture them.
They are so pretty!

I call the following pictures "Winter's Last Dance" because the temperatures are 
supposed to warm up next week.

It is, after all, March!

When we lived in MN, we learned that March is just another winter month.
Here, however, in our warmer climate, March means spring.
So, let winter have his last dance.
Spring is coming!

Evening over Lake Michigan in the summer of 2010:

A duck in a tree in the spring in Minnesota. This picture was taken by my son, Myles.

A duck in flight in our back yard in Minnesota. This picture was taken by my son, Myles.

I call this one "Due West" because we were on Lake Michigan and the sun seemed to line up with our boat and its reflection just right:

On Lake Superior, an osprey snatches a fish right out of the water!

A beautiful cardinal makes a pretty picture in a tree in our back yard in Minnesota:

A European Starling peeks out from his nest inside a huge oak tree in our back yard in Minnesota. 
This picture was taken by my son, Myles.

A Robin claims his territory early in the morning while searching for worms:

A bridge in the Kitchitikipi Park on Michigan's Upper Peninsula: 

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