Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Creative Studio

I've never shared pictures of my creative studio so I decided it was about time I did!  I think it's messy, but I like it that way.  I know where everything is!  Enjoy and thanks for looking!
This is an overview from the entry door.

My Cricut desk.

My main desk/work area....with a project in progress!

The wall above my main desk.  I display pictures and special momentos. The large poster-like pic is a foam- mounted picture of the front of an article I wrote for a publishing house when my son was deployed to Iraq.  They used it to advertise at a book sale. It was pretty cool!  The framed poem to its left is titled, "My Hero, My Son" and I wrote it when my son came home from the war the first time.

I'm partially scrapping out of suitcases as I've not had time to fully unpack from the last crop I attended! Ah, well, what can I say???

I hope you've enjoyed this little picture view of my creative space.  Thanks for looking!

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